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Lightning® Basic Yellow 40
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Lightning® Basic Yellow 40


Lightning® Basic Yellow 40

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Lightning® Basic Yellow 40

Basic Yellow 40 (Maxilon Flavine 10GFF) is a highly fluorescent dye stain which stains cyanoacrylate-developed latent prints. When illuminated with an ultraviolet lamp or Forensic Light Source, latent prints fluoresce brightly, and weakly-developed latent prints that could not be seen under normal viewing conditions may be easily seen and photographed. Basic Yellow 40 is very sensitive to ultraviolet light and can be used with a simple long-wavelength ultraviolet lamp. It is often used by police agencies that cannot afford to purchase a more expensive Forensic Light Source. It can be used after cyanoacrylate fuming on surfaces such as cans, leather and plastics and fluoresces well between 365nm and 485nm.

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Lightning® Basic Yellow 40

Lightning® Basic Yellow 40

Lightning® Basic Yellow 40

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Lightning® Basic Yellow 40

Lightning® Basic Yellow 40

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Art.: ECSPUSIKO-5833

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Model 300 Crime Scene Kit
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