TALON ™ Grips sheet of material (blank)
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TALON ™ Grips sheet of material (blank)

TALON ™ Grips sheet of material (blank)

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TALON ™ Grips sheet of material (blank)

rubberized surface

Color: Black
Size: 12.5 x 17.5 cm
As the sheet of material can be easily cut, it is suitable for any type of weapons.
Stickers for grips with non-slip surface. The TALON Grips Rubber have a non-slip, rough surface and are particularly suitable for protecting that a secure grip on the weapon desire but the gun must not permanently change / want. TALON Grips are suitable for pistols, throwing axes, knives etc. The gun is made by attaching the Grips not permanently altered TALON because the stickers can be removed at any time.

The application is very easy:

CAUTION: When applied to a firearm, make sure that it is not loaded!

1. Place the sticker on the handle to put the best position to determine.
2. The pistol grip rub with the supplied cleaning cloth.
3. Remove the paper from the back of the sticker.
4. Carefully place the sticker on the handle, the best place first the left piece of the sticker on the left side of the handle and then gradually the label to the handle.
5. Press down firmly.
6. Using a hair dryer to warm the sticker and press firmly. This process is repeated a few times until the sticker is stuck. CAUTION: Do not heat up too much so as not to damage the gun!

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TALON ™ Grips sheet of material (blank)

TALON ™ Grips sheet of material (blank)

TALON ™ Grips sheet of material (blank)

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TALON ™ Grips sheet of material (blank)

TALON ™ Grips sheet of material (blank)

Accessoires and spares
Adhesive Grip Panels TALON™ Grips Granulate
Art.: TGDLO103

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