Break Free CLP® "Multi-Surface Wipes" 20pcs-Box
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Break Free CLP® "Multi-Surface Wipes" 20pcs-Box

Break Free CLP® "Multi-Surface Wipes" 20pcs-Box

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Break Free CLP® "Multi-Surface Wipes" 20pcs-Box

Break Free® CLP® multi-surface wipes are soft, absorbent, non-woven cloths that are pre-saturated with Break Free® CLP®. They eliminate the need for messy oils, cleaners and cut cloths. The wipes clean and maintain small arms and rifles for use in all weather conditions. Ideal for fishing equipment, knives and outdoor gear.

Cleans and maintains small arms and rifles for use in all conditions
Ideal for fishing equipment, knives and other outdoor gear Package

Height: 11,3 x 8 cm
20 wipes in a dispenser box

Breach Free CLP® Breaking Free CLP® Breaking Free CLP® Weapon Oil soaked to remove lead and powder residue.

Dispenser Boxes with 20 wet gun cleaning cloths, which allow fast, extremely simple cleaning directly on the shooting range, on the road or in the workshop.
The 17,15 x 7,32 cm cloths are impregnated with CLP weapon oil.

Immediate corrosion protection for your valuable and rusty weapons.

Cleaning, lubrication and protection in one.

- Open the cover
- Remove the moisture cloth from the center
- To close the lid

When the US military made the purchase description for PD-48, a multi-purpose product, for the care and maintenance of firearms, it was quickly known as "The Impossible Specification" because of its extremely difficult requirements.
The first product to meet the challenge is break-free CLP.

The flagship product of Break-Free is CLP made of a unique combination of synthetic oils and individual proprietary ingredients, which, in combination, simultaneously fulfill three important tasks:
1. Clean effectively
2. Lubricate and
3. Protect the metal
Break-Free CLP is now recognized around the world as a performance standard for maximum protection of metal.

CLP penetrates and spreads along metal surfaces into any unevenness and small damage to prevent contamination of the metal and helps to remove residues where possible.
The long lasting lubricant reduces the adhesion of sand, grit or other abrasive which can cause wear and malfunctions.
Corrosion inhibitors prevent the formation of rust during break-free unique protective coating metal surfaces from moisture and other impurities.
The specially developed synthetic oils do not lose the viscosity or dry out even under extreme weather conditions or become hard. Such as. Cold, heat, dust, dirt, moisture and even salty air.
The equipment, carefully maintained by CLP, will remain in working order for months even under the most difficult environmental conditions.

Breakfree CLP multi-purpose oil, meets the requirements of the United States Military PD-48 and NATO Mil Spec. L-63460 F and is used in 26 countries for military purposes.

CLP can be used in a temperature range from -50 ° C to + 246 ° C
Art.-Nr.: 4-CLP-WW1 / EAN: 0088592600020

Break Free CLP® "Multi-Surface Wipes" 20pcs-Box

Break Free CLP® "Multi-Surface Wipes" 20pcs-Box

Break Free CLP® "Multi-Surface Wipes" 20pcs-Box

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R. N. 2022-01-20

Break Free Tücher

Super schneller und zuverlässiger shop!

T. M. 2017-02-08


Angenehm anzuwenden. Für lagernede Waffen sicher eine gute Lösung

L. H. 2016-11-28


Funktioniert einwandfrei. Mach das was soll sauber.

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Break Free CLP® "Multi-Surface Wipes" 20pcs-Box

Break Free CLP® "Multi-Surface Wipes" 20pcs-Box

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