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Clejuso prison transport belt
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Clejuso prison transport belt

Clejuso prison transport belt

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Clejuso prison transport belt

Leather imprisonment belt reinforced with metal inserts.

Length: 1,50 m
5-fold adjustable (78 - 123 cm)
Belt thickness: 5 mm
Belt width: 48 mm
Belt slot width: 7.50cm

Prison carrying belt made of strong, thick leather with steel strap and double wire in leather.

The belt has a steel strap for pulling the handcuffs with chain connection.
The steel hanger is inserted through the slots, all 3.50 cm in the belt.
The handcuffs must be guided through the bracket before closing.

The prison transport belt is secured with a double wire insert against cutting.
Art.-Nr.: CL-GEFGURT / EAN: 4052236062662

Clejuso prison transport belt

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Clejuso prison transport belt

Clejuso prison transport belt

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T. Z. 2017-04-25


Sehr zu Empfehlen bei schwierigen, aggressiven u. Gewaltbereiten Kunden, zum Eigenschutz und besseres Handling des Probanden! Schnelle Lieferung des Artikels.

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Clejuso prison transport belt

Clejuso prison transport belt

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