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Restriction Info: Only available for:Polizei, Bundespolizei, Zoll, Justiz, Ordnungsbehörde, Bundeswehr/Bundesheer, Rettungsdienst, Händlerkunden, Behördenvertreter

No decoration included - only:
COP® Style carrier "9AAP"

COP® Style carrier "9AAP"

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COP® Style carrier "9AAP"

While stocks last

Available in white, OD green, navy and black

6 hook and loop fastener closures ensure optimal fit. All hook and loop fastener closures are non-removable from the carrier. 2 closures on shoulder and 4 closures on waist (2 on either side).

Compatible with all current COP® style ballistic vests i.e.
COP® Xtreme, COP® Dyneema®,COP® Specialist, COP® Specialist Pro, COP® Specialist Ultra, COP® Specialist FL

Unlike the material used in the "Standard" model, the material used for the "COP® 9C" outershell is a light mesh material with wicking effect.
To keep pace with the everchanging styles and constant improvements we have come up with one of the lightest outershells on the market today. The constant search for lighter body armour has benefited you, the consumer, with an exceptionally light and comfortable outershell to match!

> antibacterial, perspirantion and odour repellant
> comfortable in hot or cold conditions
> ballistic panels inserted outside the vest, no interior seams that can cause chaffing

Material: 100% Polyamid
Machine washable 40°
( no fabric softeners, no tumbling)

Always indicate when ordering:
1. Size (e.g.M/R)
2. Shape of your ballstic panels
3. Colour

Art.-Nr.: 9AAP-Huelle / EAN:

COP® Style carrier "9AAP"

COP® Style carrier "9AAP"

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COP® Style carrier "9AAP"

COP® Style carrier "9AAP"

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