GEOX UNIFORM Boot "412231"
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GEOX UNIFORM Boot "412231"

GEOX UNIFORM Boot "412231"

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GEOX UNIFORM Boot "412231"

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Colour: black
Weight: 1 Boots in Size 9: 611 g

Genuine, waterproof leather uppers with Cordura (R)
Polyurethane outsole: slip resistant, oil resistant.

GEOX UNIFORM Breathing system, a breakthrough innovation in the footwear industry

Rubber shoes, introduced more than 50 years ago, represented a technological achievement that changed the life of millions of people on the planet - waterproof footwear that kept peoples feet dry and warm, especially in winter.
However, the downside was the lack of feet perspiration, not a minor detail considering that the third highest concentration of sweating glands is right on the feet soles.
GEOX UNIFORM Breathes technology addressed this problem with a simple yet revolutionary patented system.

Micro-holes in the rubber outsole let perspiration from the feet out of the shoes, the protective breathable membrane keeps water out and the feet dry.

1. The outsole
Outsole challenged the historical conception of holes in shoes - the first step of the Revolution.
A series of micro-holes were made in the rubber outsole, positioned in correspondence of the highest concentration of sweat glands under the foot soles.

2. The membrane
The Revolution has been made possible after extensive research and development of the membrane, made of a special micro-porous material which absorbs sweat through the insole and lets it out in the form of water vapour.
This process is made possible as the membranes micro-pores are larger than water vapour molecules, but smaller than water droplets - hence keeping water out and the feet dry.

3. The final consumer benefit
It is natural to sweat through the feet - it is unhealthy to keep the sweat inside of the shoes.
The thermo graphic test shows that by eliminating humidity from the inside of the shoe, the Breathing system allows balancing the ideal microclimate inside of the footwear, with the result of dry feet, much less overheated than feet wearing shoes with conventional rubber sole.

GEOX UNIFORM STS Patent Side Transpiration System

1. Upper
2. breathable foot bed
3. upper sealing mid-sole
4. breathable full size membrane
5. mid-sole with perforations and air chamber
6. bottom thread with stabilizer

The full size membrane is inserted below the new breathable foot bed specifically developed for athletic use, with good shock absorbing characteristics. Below the membrane there is an air chamber connected to the outside environment through perforations on the bottom on both sides.
Water may get inside the air chamber, can leave thanks to the specials inclination of the air channels. Also the holes in the bottom are self cleaning.
The impact of the shoe with the ground creates compression in the air chamber that generates a continuous circulation of air under the membrane. This increases the speed at which the sweat leaves the inside of the shoe.

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GEOX UNIFORM Boot "412231"

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GEOX UNIFORM Boot "412231"

GEOX UNIFORM Boot "412231"

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GEOX UNIFORM Boot "412231"

GEOX UNIFORM Boot "412231"

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