KeenBore® "PocKIT" Handgun Cleaning Kit
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KeenBore® "PocKIT" Handgun Cleaning Kit

KeenBore® "PocKIT" Handgun Cleaning Kit

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KeenBore® "PocKIT" Handgun Cleaning Kit

The unique design of PocKit handgun cleaning sets allows you to pack a two-section rod in a patented storage handle that also holds a phosphor bronze brush, mop and jag for easy, convenient storing and carrying. The first rod section with muzzle guard, cleans 2 to 5 barrels including most semi-automatics. Add a second section for barrels up to 83/8. PocKit cleaning sets are offered in a variety of popular handgun calibers and the rod sections accept all Kleen-Bore handgun accessories (8-32).

Weapons cleaning kit in a small format.
All parts can be stowed in the supplied plastic handle.

All threads that will be used here, have the US - thread designation 8/32 "fits only US-screw b>.

- Plastic handle 12.5 cm long, 3.2 cm, on one side there is a detachable cover, over a Werkzeugufnahme with quick release for a portion of the cleaning rod.
- A cleaning rod 5 mm Ø, 10.5 cm total length, on one side there is the Quick Shot for the handle, versus an internal thread,
- A cleaning rod Verlängerunsg 5 mm Ø, 9.5 cm total length, with male and female threads
- A copper brush 9 mm Ø (external thread)
- A cleaning rod 9 mm Ø (external thread)
- 1 cleaning slide made of brass, can be wrapped in cloths, 9 mm Ø (external thread)

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KeenBore® "PocKIT" Handgun Cleaning Kit

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KeenBore® "PocKIT" Handgun Cleaning Kit

KeenBore® "PocKIT" Handgun Cleaning Kit

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KeenBore® "PocKIT" Handgun Cleaning Kit

KeenBore® "PocKIT" Handgun Cleaning Kit

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