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Monadnock Baton "PR24NX"

Monadnock Baton "PR24NX"

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Monadnock Baton "PR24NX"

Lenght expanded: 61 cm
Lenght closed: 36 cm
Handle diameter: 33 mm
Weight: 900 g

In law enforcement theres no room for second guessing. Youve got to have that same confidence in your equipment. Thats why more agencies choose PR-24® Control batons, the most field-tested batons ever made.

Engineered For Officer Safety

PR-24® side handle batons offer maximum protection and the professional advantage. This design is the most field-tested baton for blocking, controlling and striking.

Expandable baton is combat ready with a flick of your wrist and closes easily with the push of a button
Positive-locking baton is designed for close-quarter confrontations
Trumbull Stop handle keeps the baton in your hand and increases baton retention and subject-control holds
Training programs eliminate the potential for excessive use of force

Art.-Nr.: 424 0NX / EAN: 0792298007037

Monadnock Baton "PR24NX"

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Monadnock Baton "PR24NX"

Monadnock Baton "PR24NX"

Gast 2005-09-12

Dieser Tonfa ist einfach klasse. Super ausbalanciert, sicher ...

Dieser Tonfa ist einfach klasse. Super ausbalanciert, sicheres und komfortables Gefühl bei Drehen und Schlagen. Und die Abschreckung durch das Geräusch beim Öffnen wirkt in 90 % aller Fälle absolut präventiv.
Nur zu empfehlen!!!!
Kommentar vom COP Team: Stimmt!!

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Monadnock Baton "PR24NX"

Monadnock Baton "PR24NX"

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