PRIMUS® TrailBreak Vacuum Bottle (0,35 L)
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PRIMUS® TrailBreak Vacuum Bottle (0,35 L)

PRIMUS® TrailBreak Vacuum Bottle (0,35 L)

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PRIMUS® TrailBreak Vacuum Bottle (0,35 L)

Material: stainless steel
Colour: mat black
Volume: 0,35 litre
Dimensions: Diameter in the area of the bottom 66 mm, in the region of the screw cap 79 mm, height: 200 mm, Suitable for many cup holders in cars)
Weight: 340 g

The new double walled vacuum insulated bottles are made from best quality stainless steel making them rugged and durable. The slightly tapered shape makes it easier to push them down into your backpack and safer to grip. The bottle are designed to serve up a good grip even using gloves. The bottle is made from double walled stainless steel to keep the beverage hot or cold. With ClickClose stopper. The ClickClose stopper also doubles as a drinking stopper, making it possible to drink directly from the bottle.

Art.-Nr.: PR-737902 / EAN: 7330033900989

PRIMUS® TrailBreak Vacuum Bottle (0,35 L)

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PRIMUS® TrailBreak Vacuum Bottle (0,35 L)

PRIMUS® TrailBreak Vacuum Bottle (0,35 L)

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PRIMUS® TrailBreak Vacuum Bottle (0,35 L)

PRIMUS® TrailBreak Vacuum Bottle (0,35 L)

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