Quiqlite Pro Q-PROWR incl. with XFLARE
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Quiqlite Pro Q-PROWR incl. with XFLARE
Red - Light

Quiqlite Pro Q-PROWR incl. with XFLARE

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Quiqlite Pro Q-PROWR incl. with XFLARE

Length 8 cm
Width 2,3 cm
Weight 35 g
10 Lumen per LED

New features:
> Pro now includes the New "QuiqFlare" personal safety flare attachment!
> 100% Concealed in the uniform shirt pocket
> 180° Rotating light arm allows for perfect lighting angle adjustment
> Independent L.E.D. activation
> New 360° rotating removable QuiqClip
10 Lumens per LED
> New Safety Strobe providing 50+ hours of continual light
> New 10 minute Auto-Off battery saving timer
> New water resistant housing
> Instant On/Off with the push of a button
> Super thin, sleek design comfortably rests in shirt pocket

The worlds ONLY hand-free, 100% CONCEALED light source that fits in your shirt pocket!

First among the QuiqLite product family is the QuiqLite pocket light, ideal for operating in dark environments. QuiqLites sleek design and super-bright LED allows hands-free maneuverability in low-light environments, when a regular flashlight just wont do. With its rotating light arm, QuiqLite enables you to adjust to the perfect angle for your individual needs. While its bright LED easily overcomes poor ambient lighting conditions, QuiqLite wont affect your night vision.

Easy to use, clip QuiqLite onto your lapel, jacket, shirt pocket or belt, and with the touch of a button youre ready to go. Or use QuiqLites removable QuiqClip, securable to surfaces up to one inch thick.

All models come standard with 2 high performance lithium batteries and a 10-minute auto-off battery-saving feature. A must have for police officers, firefighters, highway patrol, paramedics and security guards.

> red light for better night vision
> Super-bright dual LED
> Wont affect night vision
> 180-degree adjustable light arm
> Closes to flat position when not in use
> Comes standard with 2 high performance lithium batteries
> Press once, turns on white LED for writing and reading needs
> Press twice red activated as a tactical light for those situations when your night vision needs to be kept in tact and your position needs to be concealed as best as possible
> Press three times, both LEDs deactivated
> Battery-saving 10-minute auto-off timer
> Long battery life
> Removable QuiqClip

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Quiqlite Pro Q-PROWR incl. with XFLARE

Battery Type CR2016/2032 Batteries
flashlight with color light with red collor
Luminosity 10

Quiqlite Pro Q-PROWR incl. with XFLARE

Quiqlite Pro Q-PROWR incl. with XFLARE

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Quiqlite Pro Q-PROWR incl. with XFLARE

Quiqlite Pro Q-PROWR incl. with XFLARE

Accessoires and spares
CR 2032 Lithium button cell
Art.: 15P 5020122

2,99 €
[SSP2 2,49 €]
SSP: special sales price (SSP) - for domestic and foreign country customers (proof obligatory) who are members of the following institutions: security and rescue services, public authorities as well as the following departments: police, justice, customs, federal police, fire brigade, search teams and military

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