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SAFARILAND® 032 ELS Competition Belt 1,75"

SAFARILAND® 032 ELS Competition Belt 1,75"

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SAFARILAND® 032 ELS Competition Belt 1,75"

Belt width: 45 mm
2 colors: black, red
Lengths: in increments of 2 from 24" to 44".
Multiplied by 2,54 it gives the cm of the smallest size (you could make this belt even smaller because of the perforation, but this is not advantageous because the belt overlaps twice in a large area and thus adds unnecessarily to the thickness).
Example 32" x 2.54 = 81.28 cm
The length can be adjusted upwards by a total of 16 cm - i.e. 82 - 98 cm for size 32".

Safariland competition belt with hook fastener on the inside for fixation on a fleece underbelt (e.g.: 219190)
Overbelt made of STX Safari laminate specially manufactured for use with Safariland® Equipment Locking System (ELS) products.
The belt has a double row of pre-punched holes for attaching the ELS receiver plate to which in turn holsters, magazine pouches, etc. can be attached that have an ELS fork. In this way, the equipment of the belt can be adapted very quickly to different conditions, without having to awkwardly rebuild the complete belt.
Of course, standard holsters and other accessories can also be used or in combination.

Mandatory information - Please always specify:

1) Belt length (e.g. 32").
2) color

The cm specifications for the sizes refer to the waist or hip circumference (depending on where the belt is worn, should also be measured.), NOT to the belt length of an e.g. official belt.

Art.-Nr.: SL032 / EAN:

SAFARILAND® 032 ELS Competition Belt 1,75"

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SAFARILAND® 032 ELS Competition Belt 1,75"

SAFARILAND® 032 ELS Competition Belt 1,75"

S. K. 2021-11-20

Ware TOP, lange Lieferzeit

Die Ware war wie immer TOP.
Leider lagne Lieferzeit, was aber nicht unbedingt am Anbieter liegen muss.
Darum - 5 Sterne :)

T. G. 2020-01-13

SAFARILAND Übergürtel Top !!!

Der SAFARILAND Gürtel ist sehr gut verarbeitet und alles bleibt an seinem Platz! Bin sehr zufrieden!

K. M. 2019-02-13

Sehr gute Qualität

Zusammen mit Safariland Holster unverzichtbar z.B. für Bianchi Cup

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SAFARILAND® 032 ELS Competition Belt 1,75"

SAFARILAND® 032 ELS Competition Belt 1,75"

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