SAFARILAND® 568 Paddleholster
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SAFARILAND® 568 Paddleholster

SAFARILAND® 568 Paddleholster

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SAFARILAND® 568 Paddleholster

- The 568 is one of the lightest, best fitting concealment holsters available
- In just six sizes, it fits over 180 handguns
- It has a molded paddle design that is highly concealable
- IDPA approved
- Combination SafariLaminateTM and STX finish with suede lining

Safarilands CustomFit holster is the lightest, thinnest, best fitting holster you can buy. Its so light, youll almost forget youre wearing it. Its so thin, youll think its a second skin. And because it fits better, the CustomFit holster is more concealable. And is now available in a belt-loop model, as well as, our paddle model.
Throw on a jacket or windbreaker, and no one will know youre carrying. To add to your comfort, we offer an interchangeable paddle or a belt loop. Both provide the stability you need for a smooth draw. The CustomFit holster even fits your handgun better. Our patent-pending 3-Point Adjustment System provides the individual hold and draw you want. Its the latest technology from Safariland, where weve been pioneering holster design in law enforcement for over 30 years.
The next time youre in your local gun store, why not slip into something comfortable. Try the CustomFit holster for yourself.

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Art.-Nr.: SL568 / EAN:

SAFARILAND® 568 Paddleholster

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SAFARILAND® 568 Paddleholster

SAFARILAND® 568 Paddleholster

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SAFARILAND® 568 Paddleholster

SAFARILAND® 568 Paddleholster

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