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SAFARILAND® COMP III Speedloader (Jetloader)

SAFARILAND® COMP III Speedloader (Jetloader)

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SAFARILAND® COMP III Speedloader (Jetloader)

available in 2 sizes:
Size 1 for L-frame version suitable for
S&W models 581, 586, 681, 686 as well as Ruger GP 100

size 2 for K-frame version suitable for
S&W models 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 19, 64, 65, 66, 67, 68 as well as for Dan Wesson .38 / .357

Perfect competition speedloader - for fastest loading - proven in countless competitions.

Operation is easy and uncomplicated.
1) Load Speedloader.
Hold the speedloader with the opening facing up on the outer ring or place it on a firm surface. Place cartridges of the correct caliber, case first, in the opening provided (cartridges must be the same length and caliber).
The cartridges are then fixed in the speedloader. Press the fixing aid (e.g. a beer mat) against the cartridge heads. Turn the speedloader over together with the fixing aid and press it against a hard, flat surface.
With one hand, press the cover sleeve over the large spring completely down against the resistance of the spring. With two of the 3 fingers of the other hand, turn the knob at the end of the speedloader clockwise until a "click" sound is heard (approximately 1/6 turn). The cartridges are now fixed in the speedloader.
The spring-loaded activation bolt that is centered between the cartridges has thus been activated/tensioned and secured by the rotation.

2) Using the loaded speeloader or loading the revolver: .
Secure the open, empty barrel of the revolver with one hand. Guide the speedloader from above against the drum and bring the cartridges into the same position as the empty chambers. While holding the speedloader by the cover sleeve, now forcefully push the cartridges down into the drum.
Pushing in makes contact between the activation bolt and the drum.
This releases the lock and the cartridges automatically and reliably slide into the chamber. It is not possible to snag the cartridges in the speedloader.
The drum can be closed.

The Safariland® Comp III Speedloader (Jetloader) was manufactured using the plastic injection molding process and the spring-assisted release button ensures the fastest and most reliable reloading.
Thus especially perfect for all types of competitions.
Art.-Nr.: SLJ-GL8S / EAN: 0781602158046

SAFARILAND® COMP III Speedloader (Jetloader)

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SAFARILAND® COMP III Speedloader (Jetloader)

SAFARILAND® COMP III Speedloader (Jetloader)

E. H. 2016-12-28


Bin sehr zufrieden mit dem Speedloader , sehr sicher und funktioniert einwandfrei

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SAFARILAND® COMP III Speedloader (Jetloader)

SAFARILAND® COMP III Speedloader (Jetloader)

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