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US-Style anti stab insert COP® SF2048
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US-Style anti stab insert COP® SF2048
Stab protection
Stab protection

US-Style anti stab insert COP® SF2048

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US-Style anti stab insert COP® SF2048

COP® stab protection panel Stab Flex certified to German Tech. Guideline 03/2008 (Rev. 10/2008 & 09/2009, VPAM APR 2006, VPAM BSW 2006, VPAM KDIW 2004) ST 1 (25 Nm) with COP® 9FLX3 ballistics and as stand alone in accordance with class K1 as per VPAM KDIW with decreased impact energy (15 Nm) on 02.10.2014.

Material: Stainless mesh covered in felt
Area weight: 56,6 g/dm²
Thickness: 6 mm. Available for both COP-style and US-style ballistic vests.
Very flexible, can be compared to a thick jersey.

Please note: These panels only provide protection as per ST1 (25Nm) if used in conjunction with ballistic level SK1 backing. The panels are inserted into the carrier in front of the ballistic panels.
The panels can also be worn without ballistic backing in a carrier but then the protection level is decreased to a level of 15Nm. The carrier should be the same size as the stab panel.
The price is for one panel only, either front or rear. It is not mandatory to order a set.

Art.-Nr.: 9SF2048-V / EAN:

US-Style anti stab insert COP® SF2048

US-Style anti stab insert COP® SF2048

US-Style anti stab insert COP® SF2048

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US-Style anti stab insert COP® SF2048

US-Style anti stab insert COP® SF2048

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