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If you are looking for boots , you should take a look at the wide range here in the Onlineshop. We have a wide selection of high-quality and modern boot models designed for the needs of police officers, special units, security staff and other forces. Also ankle-high boots, leather boots, German army boots, safety boots and airborne boots are here in the shop. All boot models convince with a high material and production quality. Thanks to the modern Gore-Tex coating, they are absolutely waterproof. In addition, the models are represented by leading brand manufacturers such as Adidas, Original SWAT, GEOX, LOWA, Under Armor, Magnum, Walther and Reebok . Mehr lesen zu Boots Mid, High

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Boots for police, GSG 9, SEK, special units, security, Bundeswehr or fire brigade

Police, GSG 9, Bundeswehr or fire brigade need a special footwear that they can rely on. The boots available in the shop meet the highest requirements and withstand high loads. The various boot models from leading manufacturers such as Adidas, Original SWAT, GEOX, LOWA, Under Armor, Magnum, Walther and Reebok are waterproof thanks to Gore-Tex and are also robust, durable, durable and easy to clean. At the same time, however, they also offer a fit and comfortable wear comfort . In addition, there are many other advantages: some boots meet high safety requirements in the area of ​​ protection against penetration and fire resistance , which is why they can be recommended for fire service operations. Material selection and production quality ensure that the boots are nevertheless not too heavy and always sit well. In addition, the boots are equipped with robust toe caps and a sole with excellent grip, which provides stability, slip resistance and good grip on any surface. A particularly good protection in the application grant ankle-high boots. Airborne boots are specially reinforced at the sole and sides. But also police boots and Bundeswehr boots combine modern safety features with freedom of movement and high wearing comfort . The selection of high-quality materials, which are carefully processed, ensures robustness, resistance and ease of maintenance. This can be seen particularly in the leather boots. Particularly noteworthy is the excellent air conditioning of the boot models. They ensure a controlled air and moisture control and are respiratory-active. In case of rain, the boots convince with water resistance and dry quickly. This ensures a high wearing comfort even during long and strenuous operations. The boots available in the Onlineshop offer not only excellent functionality, but also an attractive design. They shine with elegant and sporty shapes. Their lacing is both reliable and practical, so that the boots can be put on and off quickly. If you are looking for modern and high-quality boots and safety boots at a reasonable price, you will find it here in Onlineshop. We would be happy to advise you of our COP shops.

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