COP Police equipment was founded by Christian Hermann in 1990. At that point in time Chris was still member of a special police task force in Dachau, Bavaria and he founded COP in order to provide his colleagues with special equipment which in most cases was not available from their state employer. 

Before long the practical range of goods available by mail order was well-received throughout Germany. After the opening of the first shop in Sattelberg, close to Schrobenhausen in Bavaria, more and more COP-appointed retail shops opened their doors 

The rapid growth required an expansion of the premises for COP Headquarters. They moved to Oberweilenbach, well-situated between 3 major cities: Munich, Ingolstadt and Augsburg. The new location contains office and storage space spread over 3000 square meters. 

Christian Hermann together with his wife Ulrike are managing directors of currently more as 30 staff members at the COP Headquarters, 3 COP branches in Germany and one in Austria. They have also founded a dealer network base in Switzerland, Czech Republic, Slovkia, Belgium, Poland, Netherlands, Scandinavia und Portugal.

Sales take place via the COP® catalogue, our online shop (, police magazines, the shop itself and the appointed retail shops as well as through various invitations of tenders for domestic and foreign agencies. 

COPs target groups are the police, border guards, customs officers, judiciary and military agencies, security firms, fire departments, news reporters, hobby riflemen, hunters and private citizens. 

COP also manufactures its own brandname products in many countries.

Our company mascot Lissy - a Entlebucherin