LED flashlights

UV lamp, strobe light, signal light, black light or tactical torch:

These lamps are available today in the most diverse variants. As versatile as the choice of the types are, the range of applications is so wide. Therefore it is often not so easy to select the right model. Well show you what to look for when buying.

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UV lamp, spotlight & amp; Co .: How to find the right Tactical Flashlight - Important Tips for Buying

In general, a incandescent lamp should be selected carefully. Think first about what the flashlight should be used for. The individual models differ in their luminosity as well as in size, handling and weight. An all-round flashlight , which you only want to use at home, must, of course, meet very different requirements than a spotlight that is to be used in police operations. Popular manufacturers include COP®, Nextorch®, Streamlight®, Walther®, Nitecore® , and Coast® .

The right number of Lumen is a first critical criterion when choosing a model. If the lamp is to be used only in order to be able to read something in dark rooms or to find objects better in the dark, a model with an average luminosity usually suffices completely. However, lumi- nal data on the required lumens are hardly possible here - follow the manufacturers instructions to ensure that the respective model is suitable for the desired purpose.
The flashlight of a flashlight is also of great importance. Do you want to use the device at home or take it to Outdoor ? In the second case, it is important that a flashlight has a long lighting time and still burns after several hours. This prevents the batteries from having to be constantly replaced when the lamp is used longer.

Signal lights and more: The different versions of the flashlights at a glance

A classic is still the torch in stick form, which is available in various sizes, colors and materials. Small models for targeted lighting of small areas easily fit into the pocket, larger flashlights, on the other hand, scatter a large light cone into the environment, but also weigh more. Another variant is Headlamps , which allows you to control the light beam without having to use your hands. In this way, the area in which you are looking is always illuminated. Usually these lamps are equipped with a head harness , which should sit comfortably and not slip.
Also available are hand-held radiators, which are hand-held but also equipped with a hand-held torch ,
As a rule, most of the hand-held radios have a higher luminosity than a normal flashlight, which makes them an ideal companion for outdoor use.

COP®, Nextorch®, Streamlight®, Walther®, Nitecore® or Coast® : Last but not least, the weight of a flashlight does not play one Unimportant role. Certainly, a larger all-round pocket torch, a blacklight , or a strobe automatically weigh more than a compact mini flashlight The individual devices of the manufacturers. Therefore, one should take the time to compare different products with each other. Basically, the easier the flashlight is, the better - the more comfortable it is to transport it outdoors. However, the focus should be on the luminosity - because the lightest flashlight does not use much if you can not work with it.

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