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Lightning® Blitz-Red(TM) Magn. Fluorescent Powder 1oz

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in 2 colours

Blitz-Red(TM) Magn. Fluorescent Powder
colour: red
Similar in fluorescence to Redwop(TM) powder, our Blitz-Red(TM) Magnetic Fluorescent Powder fluoresces strongly when viewed under 254nm, 365nm, 450nm to 505nm and 550 to 590nm wavelengths of light. It is applied using a magnetic applicator just as any magnetic powder. Blitz-Red(TM) is most sensitive in green light emitted from 540nm to 550nm. Blitz-Red(TM) is best viewed and photographed using a red camera filter and goggles.

Blitz-Green(TM) Magnetic Fluorescent Powde
colour: green
Blitz-Green(TM) Magnetic Fluorescent Powder is a highly fluorescent green latent print powder. It fluoresces well when viewed under 254nm, 365nm and 450 to 490nm wavelengths of light, but is particularly sensitive to ultraviolet wavelengths and light wavelengths from 540nm to 550nm. It is applied just as any magnetic powder and adheres well to most glossy papers and smooth plastic items.
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