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Lightning® Redwop(TM) Fluorescent Powder 59ml

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In 3 colours:

RedwopTM Fluorescent Powder
colour: red
Having the widest range of sensitivity of all our powders, Redwop(TM) fluorescent powder is recommended as a primary use fluorescent powder for examination of latent prints with forensic light sources, ultraviolet lights and lasers. It fluoresces under light from 254nm up to 550nm with its highest sensitivity at 254nm and between 430nm and 550nm.

GreenwopTM Fluorescent Powder
colour: green
GreenwopTM is an excellent general-use powder or a supplement to any latent print kit. It can be used in place of RedwopTM fluorescent powder when a background surface color is interfering with the red fluorescing color. Greenwop(TM) will fluoresce at 254nm and between 430nm and 515nm with its highest sensitivity from 450nm to 505nm. It is especially sensitive to ultraviolet light sources. Separate feather dusters should be used for each fluorescent powder.

YellowwopTM Fluorescent Powder
Colour: yellow
Newly developed based on customer demand, YellowwopTM is a fluorescent powder designed to add additional flexibility when dusting for latent prints on difficult, multi-colored backgrounds. Providing fluorescence in the 254nm to 470nm range, it reacts most strongly in the 430nm-470nm blue wavelength range and makes a great addition to any latent print kit.
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