Open Baton Holder ESP® "BHU04"

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available in: München, Zentrale
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Colour: black
Material: injection moulded plastic
Weight: 150g

- size 1 (part no.: 400BHU04): Length 11,2cm, with injection moulded adjustable belt clip holds telescopic batons with grip diameter of up to 25mm and handle length up to 17cm e.g. Monadnock 16 Foam Grip (part no.: 424 2516) and Expandable Baton COP® K16 (part no.: 400K16).
A telescopic baton with longer handle can also be carried in this holder, this will allow an easier grip on the baton for easier draw but has the disadvantage that the baton might accidentally be knocked out the holder.

- size 2 (part no.: 400BHU05): Length 13,5cm, with injection moulded adjustable belt clip holds telescopic batons with grip diameter of up to 25mm and handle length up to 25cm e.g. Expandable Baton COP® K21 (part no.: 400K21) and Expandable Baton COP® K26 (part no.: 400K26)
Monadnock® Expandable Batons with Supergrip (27mm grip diameter) will also fit into this holder but the locking mechanism will not close e.g. MONADNOCK® Autolock HG 21-N (part no.: 424 9641N).

Open carry baton holder with a cut out on the lower to enable the baton to be carried in the holster when extended. The belt clip enables pivoting of the holder by full circle of 360 degrees with 16 locking positions. The open design allows quick access to the baton, the length can be adjusted by 2cm by loosening 2 screws on the body and moving the lower part of the holder and then tightening the screws. The baton is secured by a clamp that can be locked to prevent loss.

Special patented belt clip enables attachment or removal from the belt with one hand only without necessity of unbuckling the belt. To open the clamp, push the buttons on the side of the belt clamp, the belt clamp will open. To close, simply push in the locking lugs on either side and push the belt clip together until it locks closed.
360 °
Belt Loop
Holster for
Expandable Baton

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Erster Eindruck ist ok. Beide wirken ausreichen robust. Für den Brandenburger MES sind sie zu schmal, als dass die Sicherung greift, aber das war bekannt. Den Rest wird erst die Praxis zeigen.
Sehr gutes Produkt, sehr vielfältige Trage- und Einstellmöglichkeiten und sehr sicher durch manuelle Sicherung. Meine Empfehlung!
Genial für den täglichen Gebrauch
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