Radio Holder COP® "9711"

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available in: Berlin, Zentrale
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Colour: black
Material: Cordura®

both Versions sutiable for the radio Motorola MTP 850 and Sepura 8038 without FuG belt clip

Version 1 ( 219711): with Belt Clip

Version 2 ( 219711PN): with hook and loop fastener belt loop:
The belt is pulled through the internal loop and then secured with the second upper strap with hook and loop fastener. Attached to the holster with the upper strap can be attached / detached without the belt to open.

 Inner loop for belts up to 38 mm width.
 Outer loop for belts up to 58 mm width.

Radios Holster with adjustable in length elastic band (depending on the user or strength) and double push-button backup for the backup of the radio in the holster.

The rubber band is attached to the rear through the belt loop on the holster body. If necessary, the elastic can there pushed through the opening can be shortened and re-knotted. The elastic strap can easily be cut to the appropriate length respectively.

The rigid holster body is laterally cut to provide better access to the radio.

The holster can be used both on the belt (up to 58 mm.
are fastened belt passage) and an adapter at COP® Schulterholster 2197th

Belt Loop
Holster for
Radio Set
Radio Holder
Funkwerk MTK451-VS
Kennwood Pro Talk
Motorola DP3441
Motorola DP4800
Motorola GP320
Motorola GP340
Motorola GP 344
Motorola MTP 850 ohne Clip
SEPURA STP 9000er Serie ohne Clip
Sepura STP 8000er Serie ohne Clip

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Passt perfekt (NRW)
Das HRT passt genau rein und sitzt gut. Ebenso ist der Sitz am Koppel/Gürtel 1A. Zu empfehlen...
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