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3MTM Protective Eyewear "2800"

3MTM Protective Eyewear "2800"

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3MTM Protective Eyewear "2800"

class: clear

DIN EN 166: personal eye protection in general
Mechanical protection: FT

An oversized with straight, adjustable blue straps.
Polycarbonate lenses offer a high impact strength; Individually adjustable windscreen inclination; No fogging thanks to coated lenses; Ideal as a sunglasses; Scratch-resistant window coating for improved durability; 4-stage adjustable clamping lenghts;

The lettering 3M is placed in red on the left-hand side of the bracket / outside.
From the frame to the bracket, the centerpiece is fashionably built into a strong orange.
A recess is provided in each of the ends of the brackets in order to secure possible holding devices such as an eyeglass band.

The 3M TM Sunglasses 2800 is well suited for wearing with prescription glasses. The four-stage adjustable lifting lenghts allow an individual adaptation to the head shape of the wearer. The adjustable windscreen ensures an optimal fit. The series of 2800 series also scores in terms of its protection: the polycarbonate lenses protect against low energy impacts (45 m / s). A good side protection provides additional safety. At the same time, the innovative Anti-Scratch coating prevents the scratching of the windows and thus ensures an optimal view. The 3M TM sunglasses 2800 have clear lenses. Their fields of application lie in the surface inspection as well as in the use with mechanical work and as classic visitor spectacles. Disc identification: 2C-1.2 3M 1 FT
Art.-Nr.: 512800 / EAN: 4046719305759

3M(TM) Protective Eyewear "2800"

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3M(TM) Protective Eyewear "2800"

3M(TM) Protective Eyewear "2800"

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3M(TM) Protective Eyewear "2800"

3M(TM) Protective Eyewear "2800"

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