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Adhesive Grip Panels TALON(TM) Grips...
Adhesive Grip Panels TALON(TM) Grips...
Adhesive Grip Panels TALON(TM) Grips...
Adhesive Grip Panels TALON(TM) Grips...
Adhesive Grip Panels TALON(TM) Grips...
Adhesive Grip Panels TALON(TM) Grips...
TALON™ Grips

Adhesive Grip Panels TALON(TM) Grips Granulate

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colour: black
available for a large number of guns - see Selection

Stick-on panels provide better grip on pistols. The 'TALONTM Grips Granulate' gets you extreme grip if a rough surface is required.

Five Rules of Firearm Safety:
1. Assume guns are always loaded.
2. Never allow the muzzle to cover anything you are not willing to destroy.
3. Keep your trigger finger straight along the frame until you are ready to fire.
4. Be sure of your target, backstop and beyond.
5. Always follow all instructions and warnings applicable to your firearm

1. Field strip the firearm for safety. With the backing still on the grip, test fit the grip for proper alignment and ensure that it is the correct grip for the firearm.
2. Use ONLY RUBBING ALCOHOL to clean the pistol grip area removing any grease or oil. The firearm must be completely dry before continuing. TALON Grips recommends using extra rubbing alcohol and a small brush in addition to the supplied alcohol swab for improved cleaning.
3. Remove the backing. Starting with the left side, line up the grip with the front and bottom of the factory pistol grip, maintaining a consistent reveal (some grips have graphic cutouts which may help with alignment). Make sure to properly center the grip on the backstrap and work around, gently rolling the grip on to prevent air from becoming trapped.
4. Very lightly wrap, DO NOT STRETCH, finger strip(s) evenly around the front of the pistol. Tuck excess material UNDER the left side panel where you started.
5. MUST DO: When grip is properly placed, heat the grip with a hair dryer or heat gun. DO NOT OVERHEAT. Warm grip and press grip FIRMLY into place. Repeat this step several times conforming the grip to the guns factory grip.
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Klasse Griffaufkleber
Das Band lässt sich einfach anbringen und passt super. Ich habe es für eine Walther Q5 Match Champion genutzt.
Ein wirklich nützliches Zubehör. Haptik sehr angenehm und griffig-Absolut empfehlenswert!
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