BIANCHI® X15 Shoulder Holster
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BIANCHI® X15 Shoulder Holster


BIANCHI® X15 Shoulder Holster

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BIANCHI® X15 Shoulder Holster

The X15 shoulder holster is one that has set the standard for over 30 years and has proven itself in both the military and law enforcement communities. It is a vertical carry design with a wide harness that supports the weight evenly on the strong shoulder. The dual spring design and secondary retention strap ensure weapon security without sacrificing speed. Comfortable, secure, and proven are the traits that have made the X15 the choice of professionals throughout the world.


Dual spring closure provides firearm retention and stability
Leather lined
Detachable retainer strap
Fully adjustable soft leather harness
Harness adjusts to 52" chest

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1. make and model handgun
2. left- or right hand
Art.-Nr.: BX15 / EAN:

BIANCHI® X15 Shoulder Holster

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BIANCHI® X15 Shoulder Holster

BIANCHI® X15 Shoulder Holster

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BIANCHI® X15 Shoulder Holster

BIANCHI® X15 Shoulder Holster

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