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Lightning® Powder

Lightning® Powder

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Lightning® Powder

Available in silber/grey and black

Lightning ® Silver/Gray Powder often called aluminum powder is recommended for use on all glass, metallic, highly-varnished surfaces, hard rubber, safes, blue-steel guns or dark-colored surfaces. Many technicians prefer Silver/Gray powder due to its high sensitivity for developing latent prints on so many different surfaces. Lifts developed with Silver/Gray powder must be placed on a black backing card for optimal contrast. We recommended using a different Zephyr ® Fiberglass Brush for each type of powder that you use.

Lightning® Black Powder
Noted for its coal-black hue and property of adhering to the latent print, but not to the background surface, Lightning ® Black Powder has been used by latent print examiners and crime scene technicians for over 70 years. It is a heavy powder which will not float around in the air and dust the technician as well as the print. Lightning ® Black Powder is recommended for most general dusting situations with either a Zephyr ® Fiberglass Brush or a camelhair brush.
Art.-Nr.: AF1-0003 / EAN: 0844272009589

Lightning® Powder

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Lightning® Powder

Lightning® Powder

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Lightning® Powder

Lightning® Powder

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