Rogers Squeeg-E(TM)
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Rogers Squeeg-ETM

Rogers Squeeg-ETM

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Rogers Squeeg-ETM

Color orange
Total length of the brush (including threads.): 50 mm
Material: Plastic brush with Aluaußengewinde, 8/32 "thread, therefore only suitable for cleaning rods with US-screw.

In three sizes, net:
Gr. 1, ( 2264334A3): for caliber .223 Rem

Gr. 2, ( 2264334D3): for caliber .30 Cal (7.62mm)

Gr. 3, ( 2264334E3): for caliber 9 mmP

Rogers Squeeg-E TM for barrel cleaning. The Rogers Squeeg-E TM is attached to the cable of Rogers long- and Kurzwaffenreinigungsset or cleaning rod with Rogers cleaning liquid provided (Art. No .: 2218037 must be ordered separately) and pulled through the barrel.

ATTENTION: only in one direction and in a train through the barrel (not back and strutting) and never dry through the barrel (without cleaning fluid).
Incorrect handling will damage the Squeeg-E TM irreparably.
IMPORTANT: always pull the Squeeg-ETM through the barrel in one direction, never back and forth or without cleaning liquid. Improper use will damage the Squeeg-ETM.
Art.-Nr.: 2264334A3 / EAN: 4052236119038

Rogers Squeeg-E(TM)

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Rogers Squeeg-E(TM)

Rogers Squeeg-E(TM)

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Rogers Squeeg-E(TM)

Rogers Squeeg-E(TM)

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