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Rubber Gelatin Lifters

Rubber Gelatin Lifters

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Rubber Gelatin Lifters

black, white or transparent

Developed specifically for lifting latent prints and dust impressions, Rubber-Gelatin Lifters are high-quality elastic sheets of rubber with a low adhesive gelatin layer on one side. The advantage of using rubber-gelatin lifters is their elasticity and low tack. The low tack will pick up the dust from the shoe print on a paper box, for example, but not tear the paper from the box. Their elasticity also makes them ideal for picking up latent prints on uneven or curved surfaces, such as light bulbs, door knobs or stucco. Data about the location of the latent print or shoe print, the case number, date and your initials can be written on the back of each lifter using a regular ballpoint pen. The black rubber-gelatin lifters are white on the back for writing purposes.
Art.-Nr.: AF1-2086 / EAN: 0844272003525

Rubber Gelatin Lifters

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Rubber Gelatin Lifters

Rubber Gelatin Lifters

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Rubber Gelatin Lifters

Rubber Gelatin Lifters

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