FDE brown
FDE brown
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SAFARILAND 7360 Duty Holster (7TS-ALS/SLS)

SAFARILAND 7360 Duty Holster (7TS-ALS/SLS)

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SAFARILAND 7360 Duty Holster (7TS-ALS/SLS)

colors: black, FDE brown

This holster with Automatic Locking System (ALS®) builds on the foundation of the Self Locking System (SLS). It locks the weapon in all directions upon holstering, its operable with the thumb, and the weapon can be drawn straight out of the holster with no twisting required. The mid-ride belt loop allows the holster to ride close to the body.
This model is constructed of the innovative SafariSevenTM material, a unique nylon blend from DuPontTM. SafariSevenTM is highly durable and practically impervious to the elements.
A proprietary nylon blend that is completely non-abrasive to a firearms finish
Raised stand-off surfaces in the interior of the holster to create air space around the weapon allowing dirt and moisture to quickly clear any contact with the firearm
Very high heat and low cold tolerances structurally sound from 300 degrees F to -50 degrees F
Can be submerged in water indefinitely and still maintain shape and function
Matte finish designed to decrease reflection and can be maintained with a simple scouring pad
Available in SafariSevenTM Plain Black and FDE Brown finishes
Currently available for:
Walther P99Q/PPQ/P99
H&K P30
Glock 17,19,19C,19MB,22DMR,23,23C,25,32,34
SIG P220, P220R, P226, P226 Elite, P226MK25, P226R, P228, P229, P229R (nicht für P6)

Please always indicate when ordering:
1) Weapon
2) right or left
3) desired belt loop width (50 or 58mm)
4) color

Art.-Nr.: SL7360 / EAN:

SAFARILAND 7360 Duty Holster (7TS-ALS/SLS)

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SAFARILAND 7360 Duty Holster (7TS-ALS/SLS)

SAFARILAND 7360 Duty Holster (7TS-ALS/SLS)

M. G. 2017-10-26

Echt super

Das Holster ist echt gut ich habe meinen Vorgesetzten überzeugt neue Holster für uns zubeantragen jetzt muss nur noch die GL zustimmen und dann werden wir uns sicherlich bei Ihnen melden

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SAFARILAND 7360 Duty Holster (7TS-ALS/SLS)

SAFARILAND 7360 Duty Holster (7TS-ALS/SLS)

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