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SAFARILAND holster "6287 STX Light"

SAFARILAND holster "6287 STX Light"

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SAFARILAND holster "6287 STX Light"

colors: black, FDE brown, coyote, od green, foliage green

For guns with Light and/or Laser
The concealment version of our SLS System holster offers the added safety of a rotating hood and holster tensioning device. Lightweight and durable, the Model 6287 is a top draw holster with a slight forward cant. Features a Fine-Tac Finish, suede lining and belt slide. Available in black.

7 different injection moulded belt loops to choose from:

Version 1 dropped = adjustable for belts 38 - 58 mm width
Version 2 dropped = for 58 mm wide belts
Version 3 high ride = for 50 mm wide belts
Version 4 high ride = for 45 mm wide belts
Version 5 high ride = for 38 mm wide belts
Version 6 high ride = for 38mm adjustable to fit up to 45 mm wide belts
Version 7 high ride = for 58 mm wide belts

The aperture of belt loop Version 1 can be increased to fit belts from 38 mm, 45 mm, 50 mm or even 58 mm wide belts.
The aperture of belt loop Version 6 can be increased from 38 to 45mm. To increase the diameter of the belt loop, the separations have to be cut.
Please note: once the aperture of the belt loop has been adjusted, it cannot be restored (narrowed). Should a smaller aperture be required, the entire belt loop has to be changed.

Please always indicate when ordering:
1) Weapon
2) right or left
3) desired belt loop version
4) color
5) light/laser

Art.-Nr.: SL6287-STX-Light / EAN:

SAFARILAND holster "6287 STX Light"

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SAFARILAND holster "6287 STX Light"

SAFARILAND holster "6287 STX Light"

G. M. 2019-07-29

gewohnte Qualität

Einfacher Holster mit Innenfutter sodass die Waffe nicht nach und nach "zerkratzt" wird.
Hatte seit Jahren einen 6004 Holster ohne Licht und war überaus zufrieden.
Der holster ist Quasi fast unzerstörbar und steckt vieles weg.

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SAFARILAND holster "6287 STX Light"

SAFARILAND holster "6287 STX Light"

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