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Stun Gun "Power 200" PTB

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available in: Wien, Berlin, Zentrale
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Colour: black, Length: app. 15cm
Main features:
- 200,000 Volts - Small, inconspicuous,
always at hand
- protects user by a safety fuse against an
unintentional discharge
- Hand strap with safety plug protects
against forced removal from hand
- Ergonomic design
- Gold plated electrodes
- Belt-clip
Characteristics of stun gun POWER 200
- Protects you against thieves, bullies and
wild beasts
- A strong electric discharge neutralizes
the assailant upon contact with his body
- It is effective even through thick layers
of clothing (even through leather)
- wont shock back even if the assailant
grabs you
- leaves no psychical damage
The POWER 200 is suitable in particular for:
women, entrepreneurs, taxi drivers, guards
and security agencies, shop assistants, gas
station attendants, employees of restaurants
and bars, kennel attendants.
Use only a good quality 9-volt alkaline
battery to power the POWER 200. Battery
not included.
330 5030

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Super Gerät, schnelle Lieferung, kann nur weiter empfehlen
Power 200 Elektroschocker
Funktioniert einwandfrei und flößt im ersten Augenblick wirklich Angst ein. Erfüllt seinen Zweck hervorragend!
Top und schnell
Schnelle Lieferung, Ware sehr gut, angenehmer und freundlicher Kontakt!
Gute Handhabung - vermutl. sichere Wirkung
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