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Stun Gun "Power 200" PTB
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Stun Gun "Power 200" PTB

Stun Gun "Power 200" PTB

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Stun Gun "Power 200" PTB

Colour: black; Length: app. 15cm
Main features:
- 200,000 Volts - Small, inconspicuous,
always at hand
- protects user by a safety fuse against an
unintentional discharge
- Hand strap with safety plug protects
against forced removal from hand
- Ergonomic design
- Gold plated electrodes
- Belt-clip
Characteristics of stun gun POWER 200
- Protects you against thieves, bullies and
wild beasts
- A strong electric discharge neutralizes
the assailant upon contact with his body
- It is effective even through thick layers
of clothing (even through leather)
- wont shock back even if the assailant
grabs you
- leaves no psychical damage
The POWER 200 is suitable in particular for:
women, entrepreneurs, taxi drivers, guards
and security agencies, shop assistants, gas
station attendants, employees of restaurants
and bars, kennel attendants.
Use only a good quality 9-volt alkaline
battery to power the POWER 200. Battery
not included.
Art.-Nr.: 330 5030 / EAN: 4052236076126

Stun Gun "Power 200" PTB

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Stun Gun "Power 200" PTB

Stun Gun "Power 200" PTB

A. W. 2018-12-17


Super Gerät, schnelle Lieferung, kann nur weiter empfehlen

M. V. 2017-01-10

Power 200 Elektroschocker

Funktioniert einwandfrei und flößt im ersten Augenblick wirklich Angst ein. Erfüllt seinen Zweck hervorragend!

A. B. 2016-12-24

Top und schnell

Schnelle Lieferung, Ware sehr gut, angenehmer und freundlicher Kontakt!

A. S. 2016-07-15


gute Handhabung - vermutl. sichere Wirkung

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Stun Gun "Power 200" PTB

Stun Gun "Power 200" PTB

Accessoires and spares
Panasonic® 9V Block 6LR61 Alkaline Battery
Art.: 15P1515-0000

2,59 €
[SSP2 2,39 €]

Rotating Holster for Stun Gun
Art.: 33SGH04200

29,99 €
[SSP2 24,99 €]

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