Tasmanian Tiger "Rifle Bag L"
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Tasmanian Tiger "Rifle Bag L"

Tasmanian Tiger "Rifle Bag L"

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Tasmanian Tiger "Rifle Bag L"

Color: Black
Dimensions: 126 x 34 x 7 cm
Weight: 1900 g
Material: Nylon (Texamid 6.6)

Weapons carrying case for long guns such as Sako TRG etc. up to an arms length of 121 cm.
Two outside pockets which extend over the entire outer length and also divided separately.
A removable sleeve.
Two handles (horizontal and vertical). The shoulder strap is removable.
Ergonomic backpack carrying system to hide in zipper pocket.
Art.-Nr.: TT-7757-040 / EAN: 4013236958768

Tasmanian Tiger "Rifle Bag L"

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Tasmanian Tiger "Rifle Bag L"

Tasmanian Tiger "Rifle Bag L"

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Tasmanian Tiger "Rifle Bag L"

Tasmanian Tiger "Rifle Bag L"

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