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"Universal Training Bag 2"

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Color: black / green
Dimensions: 60 x 45 x 14 cm (L x W x H)
Weight: 1600 g
Outer material: High quality vinyl
Interior filling: High quality foam
Surface: Smooth
Special feature: two handle loops

Specially designed for hard training with real batons (not telescopic metal batons without a heavily foamed tip).
Due to the smaller dimensions and the semicircular shape very handy and ideal for training "low kicks" and baton techniques to the legs. Even the hardest blows are absorbed, because there are small vent holes on the front sides. Best quality for long durability even with the hardest use. With two reinforced, comfortable grips (both grips have reinforcements to ensure a better grip) on the back.

MONADNOCK's baton pad can be used during dynamic or scenario training to improve skills and reduce the risk of injury.
At the same time, it can close the gap between static and dynamic movement during training. The pad is used for training tactics involving physical encounters, including simulated training scenarios and action-reaction exercises.

conditionally suitable for training with telescopic batons, which have a tip with a small diameter or made of metal.
Due to the small diameter of the tip of telescopic batons, hits with the tip may damage the sheath. Especially if, due to previous training, the tip of the baton has sharp-edged indentations.
424 5006

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