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Adhesive Arrows Booklet

Adhesive Arrows Booklet

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Adhesive Arrows Booklet

Bound in booklets of 25 sheets of numbers or arrows, each number is backed with a low-tack adhesive, meaning you can place the markers on evidence and later remove it without marking the surface. The adhesive Arrows are approximately 1.9cm (0.75") from point to base. In each book, there are seven arrows which are .8cm (5/16") wide and eight which are 1.9cm (0.75") wide as well as a North arrow.
Art.-Nr.: AF6-8016 / EAN: 0844272000265

Adhesive Arrows Booklet

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Adhesive Arrows Booklet

Adhesive Arrows Booklet

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Adhesive Arrows Booklet

Adhesive Arrows Booklet

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