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Clejuso Handcuff Model 12A

Clejuso Handcuff Model 12A

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Clejuso Handcuff Model 12A

steel handcuffs with chain, larger diameter

Weight: 290 g
Scope: min. 155 mm up to max. 225 mm
(15% greater extent than "standard version")

Made of stainless steel manufactured handcuff with chain and increased diameter for extremely strong wrists.
incl. 2 keys, quick lock

With "thumbs-locking" - on the side of the handcuff the lock can be operated directly with the thumb. So the handcuff is locked and can no longer be pressed closely around the wrist.
matching holster: inter alia, 310500N, 219131N, B8001-GC,
310 750, TT-7737-040, 219,137th
The matching handcuff holster, see the accessory suggestions rider.
Art.-Nr.: CL-12A / EAN: 4052236062563

Clejuso Handcuff Model 12A

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Clejuso Handcuff Model 12A

Clejuso Handcuff Model 12A

R. S. 2018-09-06

Handfessel Modell 12A (oversized)

Leichte und sichere Bedienung sowie solide Verarbeitung. Auch für etwas kräftigere Handgelenke !
Sie sind ihr Geld wert.

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Clejuso Handcuff Model 12A

Clejuso Handcuff Model 12A

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